Tuesday, October 1, 2013

[Video] Antara Free Kick Terpelik Di Dunia

Banyak sebenarnya free kick yang pelik kat dunia ni. Yang terbaik pun banyak,yang lawak pun ade. Dan yang terbaru adelah free kick seperti video dibawah. Ulasannya seperti berikut :

With the score even at 1-1 in the 41st minute, Utrecht's Jens Toornstra lined up a free kick against Roda. He curled his shot towards the far post, but Roda keeper Filip Kurto was so convinced that it would go wide that he stopped himself from reaching out for the ball on his jump. 

The ball curved more than he thought it would, though, ricocheting off the post then hitting Kurto in the back of the head and going in for a goal. A confused looking Kurto was credited with an own goal and Utrecht took a 2-1 lead into halftime. The match would end 3-3 with Toornstra getting the equalizer for himself in the 86th minute.

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