Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Video] Apabila Anjing Masuk Padang Masa Perlawanan Bola Sepak

A canine pitch invader brought Independiente Santa Fe's Copa Sudamericana match against Botafogo to halt for a solid three minutes while he ran around, evading all humans who tried to stop him. With Santa Fe up 4-0 in the 67th minute, the dog decided to commandeer the pitch and just run around for a while as everyone stood around and watched like dopes.

Several players made weak attempts to lure the dog into their clutches, but he was too smart for them. It was kind of like a bull fight where the bull just toys with the matador and tries to bore all the people to death. And continuing on that theme, someone tried to lead the dog off the pitch by having him chase a red bag. It worked, too. Until the dog reached the corner and said, "Eff that mess, I'm running around some more." Which he did.

The guy with the bag tried again and failed again, but after weaving through another gang of lumbering humans, the dog finally got bored and ran off on his own into the stands. And after all that, I think he just might be the most successful pitch invader ever.

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