Friday, October 21, 2011

[Video] Lompatan Motosikal Scrambler Langgar Aweks

Mengerikan ada,melucukan pun ada. Skill ini biasa kite tengok tapi pengakhirannya agak mengecewakan dan agak tidak dijangkakan. Macam mame boleh ade awek kat tengah hutan? Mungkin die tak sedar awek die datang...Korang layan.

Ryan Bacheldor of Battleford, Saskatchewan, spends a lot of time on his dirt bike, as his many YouTube videos, Facebook page and nickname "Kx125dude" attest.

He rides on a private track that's only shared with friends, so it's not uncommon to see a few people scattered around the course. But a few days ago, Bacheldor was out on his track honing his craft when he whipped over a hill and got the shock of his life (video)

Bacheldor went crashing into friend Caitlyn Woloski, who thought it was safe to be on the track based on the last lap start by her pal. Bacheldor said on his Facebook page that Woloski separated her collar bone and tore her ACL, which makes her standing up under her own power right after the crash all the more impressive.

Bacheldor said the track rules have been changed to make sure something like this never happens again, and he's just thankful Woloski is as tough as she is and the ending wasn't any worse.

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