Saturday, October 8, 2011

[Video] Rompakan Yang Membawa Keinsafan

Long Island, New York, USA:
'He started begging,' said Mohammad Sohail, the store owner, speaking to television crews. The thief said 'I got no money, my family's hungry,' Sohail said.

Sohail felt a surge of sympathy, and gave the thief bread and 40 dollars, and the masked thief said, 'I want to be a Muslim just like you,' Sohail told CNN.

So Mohammad Sohail performed the ritual and they shook hands before the the robber left. The thief's new name? Nawaz Sharif Zardari.

In a surprise twist, in December 2009, Sohail says he received a letter from the former thief in the mail, with an apology and $50 in return.

The New York Post is reporting that Mohammed Sohail passed on in August 2010 of a heart attack, aged 48

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